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Our Features

We Generate leads for the domains you own and want to sell.
Delivered in Excel Sheet.

Boost up your sales

Approach the lead and close the sales, do this more and boost up your sales.

Easy outreach

We have taken the hardwork on us, you know the potential buyer, outreach and sell.

Handpicked lead

We handpick each lead after understanding the domain and its use from different sources.

Domain Sales Leads Example

What do I expect to see once I place an order?

We all have domains, but unfortunately either lack time or skills to sell them. We know very well the domain has potential if sold to the right person, but too busy with the work schedule we follow

  • An Excel Sheet with 100 leads depending on domain.
  • Excel Sheet will have Sr.No, Lead Site, Lead Name, Lead Email Address and Lead Contact form link.
  • Each lead is handpicked by domain experts who have years of experience in selling domains.

All leads are handpicked based on different parameters

We look for potential end users, who would benefit the most with your domain name and we have professional tools that help us achieve this.

Domain Sales Leads Example
Domain Sales Leads Example

Another Example of our Lead Generation Process

If you look on the image in the left, you see the leads for a good quality keyword domain. The list includes Lead's website, the name, email address and the contact form link.

Pricing Tables

We are offering the best price we can get you. Choose a higher plan and save more.


$ 13
  • Only $13 per domain
  • Single Domain
  • Delivered 48 Hours
Choose This


$ 49
  • Only $12 per domain
  • Set of 4 Domains
  • Delivered within 7 days
Choose This


$ 99
  • Only $9 per domain
  • Set of 11 Domains
  • Delivered within 7 days
Choose This


Questions? Know more about how we do it with the following commonly asked questions.

How much time does it takes?

To ensure quality check, we require atleast working 48 hours to deliver you results.

Do you charge commission on domain sale?

No, since we are a lead generation service, we just help you find leads and save your time. After this its upto you to contact them and complete the sales process.

Do you also do Email Campaigns to my leads?

For an additional $99 per domain, we can pick up the task to email your leads upto 3 follow ups. This will ensure you do not have to do anything and just handle the positive enquires you get for your domain. Please note we can only forward you the positive enquiries and can send you a report of how your compaign went.

How do you look for a lead?

We use search engines, different tools and old sales record and handpick each lead after checking the website, and considering it as a lead. We think like a seller while picking leads.

Will you share my leads with anyone?

No, we take this very seriously, all the leads generated will be used by you, and do not share / use it anywhere.

Do you find leads for brandable domain?

This service works the best with keyword domains. If you have a non-keyword domain, you can contact us with your domain so that it gets approved.

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